Tooth decay happens. We can repair the damage
with tooth-colored fillings, inlays and onlays.

If we’ve found a cavity (or a few), don’t worry. There’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. This happens to the best of us—and it’s an easy fix! Our tooth-colored fillings are perfectly color-matched to blend in seamlessly with your smile, and BPA-free so you can feel good about the quality of materials in your mouth. In many cases, we can remove decay with a laser instead of a drill for a more comfortable experience—no shots required!

If you have an area of decay that’s too large to fill with a simple filling, we can fix you up with an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays are larger than fillings, but not as extensive as a crown, so we can preserve as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. If you have an old metal filling that needs to be replaced, we can safely remove it and replace it with an inlay or onlay to fortify the tooth and bring back its natural beauty.

Catching small problems sooner

Our digital x-rays, 3D imaging, and intraoral camera technology allow us to spot small problems before they progress into larger, more costly ones. Schedule a checkup with us today!

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Root canals and crowns can save your
natural tooth root. What a relief!

Maybe tooth decay left untreated has taken its toll on your tooth, and it’s past the point of repair with a filling, inlay, or onlay. Maybe you broke a tooth when standing too close to the piñata (or on a piece of hard candy thereafter). Whatever the case, a durable, natural-looking crown can preserve your healthy tooth root and bring your smile back to full form, function, and aesthetics. We offer porcelain, zirconia, and gold crowns to suit your needs.

If tooth decay has reached deep enough into the tooth chamber and it’s become infected, you may need a root canal to remove the infection and save your tooth from extraction. After a painless injection ensuring you are comfortably numb, we will make a small access hole in the tooth, through which we use specialized instruments to carefully remove the infection, fill the chamber, and seal the deal with a new crown. Voilà! Learn more about root canals here.

Anxious about treatment?

We understand. That’s why we use only the most advanced technology to make the process quick and painless and offer several sedation options to make your experience relaxed and stress-free.

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The loss of natural teeth can be traumatic, but replacing
them doesn’t have to be with bridges and dentures.

If you’ve lost a tooth, or a few, you understand the toll it can take on your smile, your confidence, and your daily quality of life. Bridges typically consist of one or more replacement teeth, anchored with the help of crowns on either side of the gap. We offer a wide variety of bridges to suit your individual needs, budget, and lifestyle. For added security and jawbone health, we always recommend dental implants. You can also visit our page on Dental Implants FAQ to learn more!

If you’ve lost most or all your natural teeth or you’re living with old, ill-fitting dentures that are getting in the way of your best self, we would love to update your smile and elevate your quality of life with our modern denture solutions. We offer partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-supported dentures to help bring back the life to your smile and allow you to live out your best years with confidence and grace.

Worried about the cost?

We’re happy to offer payment plans and flexible financing options to help you work the care you deserve into your lifestyle. Contact your Benbrook dentists, Drs. Cindy and Ryan Knight at Chisholm Trail Dental for more information today!

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