Creating healthier foundations with
extractions and full mouth reconstruction.

We promise to exhaust all other treatment options before resorting to extraction, but sometimes extraction is in your best interest. Maybe you broke a tooth so badly it’s past the point of repair. Maybe decay or infection has reached deep inside your tooth root, or you have a failed root canal. Whatever the reason, we can provide routine extractions from the comfort of your dental home. We can use any combination of anesthetic and sedation to ensure your comfort.

If you’ve lost all hope in ever having a healthy smile again, we want you to know you don’t have to throw in the towel. We can create a healthier foundation and completely rebuild your smile from the ground up with full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction may involve any number of infection treatments, oral surgeries, and restorative work to give you the healthy, functional, and beautiful smile you deserve. With flexible financing and advanced technology, a new smile is within reach.


Compassionate Finance

Concerned about the cost?

We know full mouth reconstruction is an extensive commitment, but it’s better to think of it as a life-changing investment in your health and quality of life. We’re happy to offer flexible financing options to make the treatment you deserve fit within your monthly budget.

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Crown lengthening and pre-prosthetic surgery
set the stage for lifelike restorations.

If you’re in need of a dental crown, but decay or damage has compromised much of your visible healthy tooth structure, we still might be able to put a crown on after a crown lengthening procedure. Maybe you have a naturally gummy smile, and we need to reveal more of your tooth’s surface to secure a crown. Crown lengthening involves gently removing excess gum tissue around the tooth to expose more of the tooth’s structure and prepare for a crown. Crown lengthening allows us to place crowns on teeth that may otherwise have required extraction.

Pre-prosthetic surgery is similar to crown lengthening in that it’s a procedure designed to prepare the teeth and other oral structures to receive restorations. Pre-prosthetic surgery is slightly more invasive, involving the shaping and sculpting of bony ridges beneath the gum tissue to create a better foundation for bridges or dentures. Otherwise, you may get stuck in a cycle of ill-fitting restorations, relines, and frustration. Pre-prosthetic surgery sets the stage for better-fitting replacement teeth, and we can complete the entire process right here in-house.

Your comfort comes first!

We have two large private surgical suites where Dr. Ryan provides IV sedation, or we can bring in our anesthesiologist if you prefer general anesthesia.

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Receding gums and bone loss don’t have to be
permanent with gum grafting and bone grafting.

These are procedures most general dentists would refer you to a specialist for, but at Chisholm Trail Dental, we can provide them comfortably from your dental home. Gum disease is a serious infection that wreaks havoc on your gums, teeth, and supporting jawbone structures—not to mention your systemic health. If your gums have receded, we can provide gum grafting to supplement the gum tissue, protect your vulnerable tooth roots, and ultimately save your teeth from extraction or loss.

If you’ve experienced bone loss due to gum disease or missing teeth, some doctors may disqualify you as a candidate for dental implant treatment—or send you to a specialist for bone grafting and implant placement. To stop the bone loss process and get back what you’ve lost, we can supplement your jawbone with bone grafting from the comfort of your regular dental office. A healthy jawbone is essential for a healthy smile and successful dental implant treatment. We can take complete care of you, from start to finish, all under one roof.

We also provide precision surgical dental implant placement. Click here to learn more about complete dental implant treatments from the comfort of your dental home.

Advanced CBCT technology

Our CBCT 3D imaging system allows us to take panoramic digital x-rays that give us greater insight into your oral structures for more precise treatment planning. Your Benbrook dentists, Drs. Ryan and Cindy Knight are invested in your comfort and successful outcomes.

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