Root Canal Therapy


We know that the words “root canal” has the ability to strike fear in anyone.

There are times the nerves in a tooth can become infected, which, if left unaddressed, can progress into a more serious issues. Once diagnosed, our dentists use gentle techniques to numb the area, which allows you a more comfortable experience. Once the infection removed, to protect your tooth, a porcelain crown is custom-made, that looks and feels like your natural teeth. After the procedure is complete, you will be truly pain-free and can go back to enjoying every meal and every smile like nothing ever happened.

If you have felt pain or discomfort, or suffer from general wear, we encourage you to set an appointment and visit us. Our team at Chisholm Trail Dental is here to make sure your experience is relaxed and easy. With our sedation options we have the ability take care of your dental needs in a comfortable environment, many of our patients don’t even remember the process.